Quality Assurance

We understand that the marketplace is constantly evolving and becoming ever more complex. Our experienced team recognise the need to demonstrate supply chain control, which is vital to ensure we comply with the demands and requirements of our diverse customer base.

We have a full time multilingual Technical and Quality Assurance team whose role is to implement appropriate Quality Assurance procedures to demonstrate Due Diligence, provide support for our buyers, review and issue specifications for our customers, and provide comprehensive technical guidance and assistance to both our suppliers and customers. This is to ensure we are not only meeting the requirements of the importing country but also providing the exact product our customers require.

Circle Foods is your partner for new product development projects. From initial requirements through R&D to final delivery, our experienced team will be by your side along the way.

Our Cardiff office is certificated against BRCGS Agents & Broker requirements (AA grade) along with Red Tractor certification, which applies to qualifying UK Red Tractor approved sources and products only.

Meet our QA Team